Benefits and how to's of Oil Cleansing

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Raise your hand if the thought of oil cleansing terrifies you!!

Well I am here to tell you, that it shouldn't...its not as scary as you think and honestly its one of the best ways to wash your face.  Think of it this dissolves like.

"But amber I have oily skin and your telling me you want me to rub oil over my skin"

"yes my friend...that is what i'm telling you...and trust me!!! you will never go back to those so called "normal' cleansers.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how-to's lets talk about the history behind the trend.  Oil cleansing started way back in the Roman days before soap was easily available. In visits to the roman baths, they used to massage their bodies with olive oil and then scrape off the oil and dirt with a tool called a strigil in hot plunge baths held in rooms known as Caldariums.  So the art of oil cleansing has been around for a long time, but its only come back into popularity I'd say in the last couple years.


What is the Oil Cleansing Method?

Oil cleansing is basically when you take a combination of oils and use them to cleanse your face.  Why you ask? Oil breaks down oil.....which means as your massaging the oil onto your face, the oil seeps into your pores and starts breaking down buildup or dirt that may be clogging them.  Then when you place your warmed up wash cloth on your face, the steam will help drag out that oil and dirt from deep in your pores, then in a few easy steps you just wipe that oil off.....easy peasy!!

How to properly oil cleanse

Oil cleansing is different from your typical routine, if your used to foaming or cream based products that you can just splash off, this may take you a few times to get in the groove.  But once you'be gotten used to it, you really begin to enjoy the mini ritual you create for yourself.

Step 1 : With dry hands and dry face take about a quarter sized amount of oil cleanser and warm it up for a couple seconds by rubbing your hands together.  Massage the oil onto your face anywhere from 1 to 2 minutes depending on how much time you have, or if your wearing more makeup than usual...btw....our oil cleanser will remove your makeup!!!! If you have some problem areas; such as clogged pores on the nose or clusters of breakouts in areas such as; forehead, chin, jaw line, or anywhere else those pesky buggers may appear, make sure to spend a few extra moments in those areas to make sure you are giving the oil enough time to properly break down any build up.

Step 2: You need and I mean NEED to remove the oil with a face cloth...splashing will not work...if you do only use water to remove the oil there is a possibility your skin will break out because your not removing it properly, certainly if you don't remove it correctly and then put moisturizer on top, its just too much for the skin to absorb.  Now we have that out of the way.....not to be super bossy haha but I want you guys to get the best possible outcome from oil cleansing.  SO, your are going to warm your facecloth under warm/hot water and wring out the excess water, place it over your face to steam, again depending on time, you can either lay it for a couple seconds, or let it steam for a minute.  Once you've let it sit for your chosen amount of seconds just take the facecloth and in gentle circular motions just wipe your face.  Your then going to want to warm your facecloth again under the warm/hot water and repeat the process.

I know this may sound like more steps than your wanting....but it truly only takes around two minutes to cleanse your face and you get used to it and actually come to enjoy those few moments of a mini face massage and the nice warm steam of the facecloth.

Pros and Cons of Oil Cleansing


  • It's great for your skin, it will help clear up conditions such as; acne, breakouts, dryness and flakiness of the skin.
  • It wont strip your skin of its natural no need to worry about it being drying.
  • The hot cloth feels really nice...not much of  a pro, but hey!!! I like it :)


  • It may take a week or two for your skin to adjust to the new routine
  • It's a little more time consuming than your typical splash off face cleansers
  • You have to buy and wash face cloths...which in actual facts isn't too bad!

A few extra tid-bits

How often should you oil cleanse?

This is very much personal preference or what concerns you have.

I personally only oil cleanse at night, I have drier skin, so I find that I don't need to cleanse twice a day. In the morning I will either warm up the face cloth again and just wipe my face, or I'll dampen a cotton pad with toner and wipe my face with that. Then give my skin an extra spritz with the toner and finish with the nourishing face oil.

If you have oilier skin or are fighting some break outs, doing two cleanses a day may help those breakouts clear up quicker. And keep your skin clear.

Test it out, do what works the best for your skin...whether its once or twice a day, there is no rules! Just see what works best and go with it!

It may not be for you

Don't sweat it.....the oil cleansing method isn't for everyone, don't worry about it!! I don't take it as an offence if someone comes up to me at a market and says that its just not for them....I 100% get may try it out and realize that it doesn't fit your life style.....However much I love it and honestly do believe that its the best way to cleanse your skin, I am very aware that its not for everyone....I am all for doing whatever is right for you!

That's it my friends, I hope this has answered any questions you might have had on the art of oil cleansing...If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask. And if your wanting to know more about our Cleansing Oil make sure to read all about it HERE