Plans for 2018

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Heeeey!!! Can you believe that we are already almost one month into the new year!!! I feel like I'm still in holiday mode and have been having some troubles getting back into a routine...Anyone else feel that way? or is it just me?....I let myself have a couple weeks off over the Christmas holidays and into the new year, it was great and probably just what I needed.  During those few weeks off I really sat down and thought where I wanted to take my company and what I wanted it all to look like.


So here are just a few things that I know for sure......

I know that I adore the skincare that I've created and would NEVER sell or make anything that I wasn't proud to put my name behind. I spend so much time researching and formulating the products I create and having them work and be effective is always 100% my priority.

I know that I have the most supportive kick-ass loving tribe out there and your love and support is what keeps me going during moments that I feel I'm crazy for venturing out into the entrepreneurial world...It's been the most amazing and terrifying journey!!! 

I know that I've FOR SURE!! made mistakes along the way and am just so happy and thankful that you've all been so understanding about these learning curves and general forgetfulness that is my brain.

I know that I want to continue curating a line of truly minimalist skincare that can help elevate your beauty routine. 

I know that I've always loved to teach people and help people, so creating a more informative blog is something that's going to be very important over this year.  I'm going to be sharing my knowledge I learned through my years of working as a professional Aesthetician and all the information I've learned about natural ingredients during these years of creating my own skincare.  I want to share and teach you how to formulate your own products...there are so many things you can do with just a couple ingredients!!! These will be super easy recipes that you can bring into your life, that will help you live a more natural and sustainable lifestyle.

I know that there are a few products that I will be discontinuing over the year...mostly the body scrubs/polishes and these are ones that I can SO easily teach you how to make...I mean 1 cup of sugar and some your basic body scrub!! The skincare products aren't going anywhere...unless I create an even better version to replace what I already have...but trust me...nothing will leave unless something better is coming along. 

I know that I want to be able to provide some raw ingredients, this way when I give you a recipe you can also buy the ingredients you need at one easy place.  One product that I was planning on launching in February was the Coconut Milk Bath...which is an amazing product...but also ridiculously easy for you to put together at home...i mean its two ingredients. I will be putting the raw ingredients online for you, as well as a post on how to put it together for yourself in the comforts of your cozy home. Then you can have all the hydrating and healing baths!!!


Thats about all I know for now.  I am insanely excited for what I have planned this year and I really hope you all are too.  Even though there will be some changes, which I know some people wont be overly joyful about, I do believe that they will be for the best and I would never do anything unless the new thing is 100% better than the original.

As always, I would love to hear your feedback...I'm always here to answer your questions! And I am so excited to start creating more content here and forming a place where you can buy and learn how to curate your own products.

So let me know in the comments if you're as excited as I am!!! What lifestyle and beauty recipes would you like to see?? And what skin care/routine/ingredient information you would like to learn about?


Until Next Time,

xoxo Amber


*The photography used in this post was taken by Jorja from Jorja Coral Photography...she's amazing! and you should check out here work!