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I like to think of Tea Tree oil and Lavender oil as the duck tape of the essential oil a problem put some tea tree/lavender on it, both where my introduction into the essential oil scene.  Today we are going to focus on the more anti-bacterial, germ fighting powers of Tea Tree.


What is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea Tree or Melaleuca alternifolia comes from the tea tree native to Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. A great addition diluted in coconut oil and added to your bath water if you're suffering from a cold and will assist with opening sinuses and ease coughing.

It has a wide variety of uses, from household cleansers, laundry detergents, hair treatments and can be used as a topical agent for skin concerns such as, acne, psoriasis and eczema. It has also been known to work on burns, athletes foot and to rid your scalp of dandruff.


Things to know

Tea Tree should be diluted in a carrier oil before applying to the skin. And I always suggest doing a patch test, in case you're allergic and that applies to all essential oils.

Depending on your concern, you can use anything from a .5% to 10% I personally don't recommend using more than a 10% dilution, essential oils are incredibly powerful so a little goes a long long way.

*According to a study it is shown that a 5% solution works just as well as a 5% benzoyl peroxide on severe acne and it does so without the harsh side effects of flaking skin or getting rid of your skins natural moisture.

Aromatic Summary / Note / Strength of Aroma: A middle note with a medium aroma, Tee Tree has a fresh, slightly medicinal scent with characteristic woody notes.

Blends With: Cinnamon Bark, Clary Sage, Clove Bud, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, Myrrh, Nutmeg, Rosewood, Rosemary and Thyme.

5 Ways to use Tea Tree

1) Add it to your shampoo // This will help with issues such as dry scalp or dandruff, and to stimulate hair growth.  As well as keep lice away from your kids hair.

Treatments : For a weekly or Bi-weekly hair treatment you can take just Jojoba oil or if you have our Cleansing Oil you can take a pump of oil and drop in a few (about 10) drops of tea tree oil and massage that onto your scalp and let it sit for around 10 minutes, then shampoo and condition as normal. For an everyday use, add 3-5 drops into your shampoo bottle and gently tip the bottle up and down to combine the ingredients, then use it every time you wash your hair. 

2) Remove a Planter Wart // I have dealt with hundreds of planter warts during pedicure season in my years as an Esthetician, they are SO common. With pool season and wondering around bare foot, they can easily be picked up.  Tea Tree is a great natural way of killing them off.

Treatment : This is one of those times you can apply it undiluted. Take a q-tip or cotton ball and soak it in tea tree and apply to the affected area. Then take my trusty friend duct tape and place that right on top, this will cut off its oxygen and the tea tree will work at killing the bacteria that creates the wart.  Re-apply at least three times a day, using new duct tape each time and make sure your feet are keeping as dry as possible.

3) Use as an Acne Treatment // With tea tree having so many antibacterial properties and healing benefits, using it to help clear up your breakouts is another way to use your trusty tea tree.  I personally don't suggest using it directly on your breakouts, it may be too drying on your skin. My favorite carrier oil for oily skin is Jojoba, as it naturally mimics your skins own sebum, which basically will tell your skin that it has enough oil and it will balance out your pores from over producing oil.

4) Oil Pulling for bad breath // Have you tried oil pulling yet?? would you like to see a post about it? basically oil pulling is taking coconut oil and swishing it around your mouth for 10-20 minutes in the morning and this will help with, bacteria, plaque and gum care, if you wanted to up your oil pulling game, take your 1 tbsp of Coconut oil and 1 drop of tea tree essential oil and do your oil pulling, adding the tea tree will help treat bad breath, mouth ulcers and gum infections. (do not swallow the oil, once your done, spit it out into the garbage) The whole process of oil pulling is something that i've done on and off for the last couple of years, it's never formed into a habit and it's definitely not for everyone.

5) Cold fighting bath soak // So you tried your best at fighting off that dreaded cold that always makes its way around during the changes of seasons, but alas, you are now coughing and sneezing all over the place....blah! I've never been lucky enough to avoid them!! Making yourself a little bath soak and inhaling all that good steam will help ward off the colds and flus and will ease congestion.

Treatment // All of these ingredients can be found at your closest health food store such as Vita Health and the Epsom Salts can be found at Bulk Barn.

1 Cup Epsom Salts

2 TBSP Coconut Oil

10 Drops of Tea Tree

10 Drops of Eucalytis

5 Drops of Lavender

Stir all ingredients together and place in your warm running bath water...hop in, lay back, breath in those scents and feel the congestion clear up.

Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about tea tree...Let me know what other essential oil you'd like to know more about??

until next time, xoxo Amber!




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