Benefits and how to's of Oil Cleansing

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Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how-to's lets talk about the history behind the trend.  Oil cleansing started way back in the Roman days before soap was easily available. In visits to the roman baths, they used to massage their bodies with olive oil and then scrape off the oil and dirt with a tool called a strigil in hot plunge baths held in rooms known as Caldariums.  So the art of oil cleansing has been around for a long time, but its only come back into popularity I'd say in the last couple years.

Oil Cleansing Myths

“soaps and suds cleanse my skin better, I want that squeaky clean feel”

Conventional cleansers are filled with ingredients that may strip your skins natural moisture barrier, ingredients like Sulfates, phthalates, fragrances + PEG compounds are irritants and allergens which strip skin of its own natural sebum production and cause sensitivities. Your skin doesn’t need that ‘squeaky’ feel, that often goes in line with your skin being stripped of its oils, when this happens your body will go into overdrive and it might cause your skin to actually start to over produce sebum and cause more breakouts.

“I have oily skin, wont cleansing with oil make me break out??

I get it and your feelings are completely validated…if you have suffered with oily skin, the last thing you want to try is massaging your skin with more oil. I still want to encourage you to try the oil cleansing method. When you introduce oil the correct way into your routine you help balance your skin’s Ph levels and lets your skin know that it has the proper amounts of oil to keep it hydrated, which in turn will make it stop over producing sebum. I’ve been blending oils for a long time now and believe that our combination of oil is beneficial for all skin types and especially for oily skin. Oily skin needs oil to re-balance, done correctly you can say goodbye to those oil blotting days.



What is the Oil Cleansing Method?

Oil cleansing is when you take a combination of oils and use them to cleanse your face. Oil breaks down oil without stripping your skin of its natural oil levels so it wont dry out your skin. As your massaging the oil onto your face, the oil melts into your pores and starts breaking down buildup, oil and dirt that may be clogging them.  Then when you place your warmed up wash cloth on your face, the steam will help drag out that oil and dirt from deep in your pores.

How to properly oil cleanse

Oil cleansing is different from your typical routine, if your used to foaming or cream based products that you can just splash off, this may take you a few times to get in the groove.  But once you'be gotten used to it, you really begin to enjoy the mini ritual you create for yourself.

Step 1 : With dry hands and dry face take about a quarter sized amount of oil cleanser and warm it up for a couple seconds by rubbing your hands together.  Massage the oil onto your face anywhere from 1 to 2 minutes depending on how much time you have, or if your wearing more makeup than usual...btw....our oil cleanser will remove your makeup!!!! If you have some problem areas; such as clogged pores on the nose or clusters of breakouts in areas such as; forehead, chin, jaw line, make sure to spend a few extra moments in those areas to make sure you are giving the oil enough time to properly break down any build up.

Step 2: You need to remove your oil cleanser with a face cloth, splashing it with water wont properly remove the oil and i want you to have the best experience with the oil cleansing method. Take you face cloth and dampen it with very warm water, wring out any excess water and place the cloth over your face, let it sit until it starts to cool. The steam and warmth from the cloth will help pull out the oil and dirt from your pores. Once cooled, in gentle circular motions wipe off the cleanser, re-warm your face cloth and repeat the process again.


How often should you oil cleanse?

I recommend doing your deep cleanse at night time, then in the morning splash your face with warm water and spray your toner on a cotton round and wipe your face to remove any oil that might have built up while you where sleeping. Your skin doesn’t always need two big cleanses daily, certainly if you have drier skin, my advice? let your skin guide you, start with once and day in the evening and see how your skin feels when you wake up. I’m a big believer in treating your skin on a day to day basis.