The Naked Skincare Everyday Facial Routine

Let's break down the Naked Skincare everyday Routine.  It is quick, simple and will change the way you feel about your skin...can we say yaaas to rocking some makeup free days and feeling all the confidence.  I'm not one for a super complicated routine and the fact that this will maybe take up 5 minutes of your day but still give you amazing results is a win win all around. 


Balancing Line

Cleansing Oil, Herbal Toner, Balancing Face Oil

Oily skin is often characterized by:

  • Your skin gets shiny and feels greasy throughout the day
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Prone to breakouts
  • Blackheads and Pimples often occur

Nourishing Line

 Cleansing Oil, Floral Toner, Nourishing Face Oil

Dry Skin is often characterized by:

  • small pores
  • fine lines
  • rough or dull complexion
  • skin may feel tight
  • skin often flakes off

So what happens if you fall in between the two.  Combination skin is the most common 'type' So this is where your own knowledge of your skin plays a part.  Both of them will work for combination skin.  If you feel you fall more onto one side or relate to several of the conditions in either section, go with that. Both lines are going to help with breakouts as well as hormonal breakouts so its really decided if you want help with adding more hydration into your skin or focusing more on balancing out your skins natural sebum production.  Some people even switch between the two depending on the weather. Using the Nourishing products during the cold winter months and then switching to the Balancing products when those hot sunny days approach.

Naked Skincare Everyday Routine


Step One

With dry hands use about 1 pump of oil, if you feel that's not enough or too much, adjust as needed. Warm up the oil between your palms


Step Two

With  a dry face, massage your oil onto the skin in circular motions, this will remove makeup and deep cleanse your pores.  Focusing on any trouble zones...think black heads on nose, break outs around the jaw line. I typically massage my skin for about 60 seconds.


Step Three

My personal favorite part of the routine. The warmed up face cloth. Turn your tap to a more than warm but not quite hot water temperature and dampen your face cloth. Wring out the excess water and lay on your face for 15-30 seconds. Gently wipe off the oil. Re-warm the wash cloth and give your skin at least one more wipe over. I like to do repeat the wash cloth step 2-3 times.


Step Four

Take your chosen Toner, either the Herbal or Floral and give your skin a few spritzes. About 3-5 pumps. Enough that it leaves your skin slightly damp, that way when you apply your face oil, it will also lock in that extra hydration from the toner.


Step Five

Finish off with your face oil. About 1-4 pumps, again this will all depend on your own skin. I suggest starting with one and seeing how that feels and adding as you may need. I tend to pump into my palm, pat my hands together and then slightly massage the oil into my skin and then using light tapping motions with my finger tips to help the oils absorb into the skin.

There you have it. Your simple every day skincare routine. Broken down it sounds like a lot, but it really only takes a few minutes and its such a nice relaxing few moments.  

I'd love to know your favorite part of the routine? let me know in the comments below!!

**Also a massive thank you to the always lovely Quinn who modeled for these pics and the fabulous Jorja who takes all of the pretty pictures.