How to Choose between the Balancing and Nourishing Products

I often tell people that I don't typically believe in the whole skin "type", trying to put your skin into one category isn't always practical.  I treat my skin on a day to day basis, focusing on what it's needs are that morning or evening.  Sometimes depending on, weather, stress, hormones or lifestyle changes, my skin can need different things each time.  Focusing on its issues daily can help you better understand your skin care needs and make it all a little less complicated...because life is complicated enough without having to worry about if your using the right products.

One of the biggest questions I get is whether I should use the Nourishing or Balancing products?  So I'm hopefully going to answer that for you today, in case you are uncertain where you should start and what would benefit your skin the most.

None of our products are going to confuse your skin, if you use the nourishing oil one day and the balancing oil the next, it won't hurt your skin of make it uncertain what it wants to do.  


So the first step to all this is to figure out what skin issues you have and if you fall more on the dry or oily side of the spectrum. 

Dry Skin Concerns

  • Tight feeling to your skin, certainly after showering.  
  • Flaking or peeling skin
  • Dull Complexion
  • Appearance of fine lines
  • Skin may feel rough and textured

Oily Skin Concerns

  • Skin gets a shine and greasy throughout the day, this can range from t-zone to an all over shine in more severe cases
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Blackheads/breakouts or acne prone
  • Pores can often clog easily

The Tissue Test

This is a great way at figuring out what if your more oily or dry.  Basically what you do is:

  1. Go wash your face with a mild cleanser
  2. Don't put anything else on your skin once you've cleansed, no toner, no moisturizer...just leave it be.
  3. Wait about an hour, this should be more than enough time for your skin to fall into its natural zone
  4. At this point you may notice right away what issues your seeing, whether its your t-zone building up oil, or your skin feeling very tight.
  5. Grab a piece of tissue and blot it on your skin, if you see oil on the tissue from your forehead, cheeks and chin you would be considered oily. If once you pat around and you notice pieces of skin flaking off and you have that tight feeling in your skin, then you would be dry. Now if your T-zone is oily but your cheeks are a little dry you may fall more into the most common section that is the Combination Skin.

So after all of that...WHAT DO I DO?

This is where you have to decide what zone you fall into more. After not putting anything on your skin, you should be aware of how its feeling.



Oily Skin - The balancing product line would be best for you, that would include the Cleansing Oil, Herbal Toner and Balancing Face Oil, if most of the symptoms ring true. Then these products are going to help balance out your skins natural sebum production.  I'm sure some of you are thinking...PARDON?? want me to rub oil on my face when I'm trying to combat my oil....Well yes I am....Its one of the best things you can do for oily skin.  When you use products to dry out your skin, your basically telling your body that your lacking oil, so its going to counteract that by producing more oil and you will forever need to use those drying products, until the day comes where you've stripped your skin of all its natural oils and are now facing the problem of super dry and possibly sensitive skin. But when you nourish your skin with oils, your telling your skin that its good!! that it is hydrated and happy, so your oil glands will eventually balance out and stop over producing.


Dry Skin - If you checked yes to the majority of the dry skin issues then the Nourishing Line will be your best friend. The Cleansing Oil, Floral Toner and Nourishing Face oil will keep your skin hydrated as well as helping to fight the signs of aging with its cell nourishing properties. Cleansing and nourishing with oil will help to heal the concerns of dry skin, your skin will no longer look dull and flaky and it will look nourished, hydrated and glowing.


But what do I do if I fall into both categories?  Basically you need to decide which one you fall into most.  If you breakout very easily and find your skin gets a shine throughout the day, but maybe your cheeks can sometimes be dry.  I would suggest starting with the Balancing Line to help combat the oil production and start the process of balancing the skin.  If you find that at times your skin still feels dry, you can easily add in the Nourishing Oil as your nighttime oil, this way at night time you are giving it extra nourishing properties.  You can also use our Balm as a night time serum, by scrapping about a pea size amount out with the back of your nail and mixing it in with your balancing face oil again at night to help give your skin a little boost.

If you are mostly dry, but suffer from hormonal or stress breakouts (Like ME) and maybe get a little more oily in the hot summer months, again I would suggest starting with the Nourishing products and maybe add in the Spot Treatment to help with those pesky breakouts. And maybe in the summer using the Balancing Face Oil during the day to help combat that extra oil that might build up.

The great thing about Naked is that you can so easily mix and match products to create your perfect skin concoction, don't be afraid to use mostly the nourishing line, but adding in the herbal toner, or switching out different products.

And if you are still uncertain which way to go, you can always email me directly and I can help you figure it out, never be shy to shoot me an email